How do i get the players score based off of their time alive

wait do i do the blocks on the left or right one?

whats the round block?

It doesn’t matter, but I would do the left because it is the first to be triggered.

It just rounds the value of the time because if there were 72 seconds divided by 60 it would equal 1.2, which is a decimal. The round value is just rounding the number.

You can wire a repeater that triggers every second to a counter. Then, wire the repeater to an item granter that gives you an item. Then, set the leaderboard in map settings to the item the granter gives. Then, you are done.:grinning:

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it doesn’t seem to be working are there any channels i need to add?

ok thanks :grinning: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai:

There is literally an option in the end of game widget…

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Another criminally underrated device.

That’s actually true though…
(We could get an EZ guide if we wanted)

You could either make an in-depth “On the Nature Of…” for a end game, keeping with the style, or just add it to TUGTED2.

For the sake of not being bored… I’ll do the first one.

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The best part is the stylistic writing. The worst part is the pictures.

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Hey, just something I noticed…

There is like an old guard, made up of everyone who joined before school, and the new watch, who joined after school started. You can SEE the differences between the two.

What do you mean?

Just, look at the differences in how people from the two different groups talk, what they make guides on, how well they answer questions, stuff like that. Some of it is just them being new, but some of it is them being a new type of helper.

Ohh, I understand now. Thanks!

I hope everyone strives to be the best helper possible (clear explanations, visuals, other examples), no matter what group they’re in.

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