How do I get my map onto the community picks?

My games are good, but the devs don’t see them.

Part of it is it has to have a decent amount of plays to be an option to consider by the devs. Part of this is the search feature on discovery is broken and searches by description not title. To make your game easier to find put the title in the description.

No one is intrigued by my maps, and they do not uncover their hidden beauty.

It’s chosen by the community itself I think.

Also, maybe the devs don’t think it, but mark Toronto as solution.

Cause good could be an opinion, (NOT SAYING UR MAP IS BAD1!!!1)

But once again, mark solution, and slightly off-topic. (Just sayin)

One map has > 3,000 plays and is not trending. The other is tag, but a good type of tag, hidden among bad types.

I hate the 20 character limit.

Edit: Sorry, grammar police. I can’t believe I missed that! My mother is a stickler for grammar!

You can do < h e> but remove the e. So it looks like this → you see nothing.

Grammar Police! *Minimum

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I see this question like almost every week. Search before you post guys.


Really? Second time I’ve seen this I think. But yeah, search before you post.

@TorontoBulls1 it doesn’t quite matter about the plays, it’s just what the devs think is high-quality


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