How do I get an item granter to grant only one item one time and not again

I had it so that it grants an item when you put the blastball in a certain zone…but…it grants it every time. How do I get it to stop once the item has been granted so the player’s entire inventory isn’t taken up with the same item?

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Wire the thing that grants the item, such as a button to a wire repeater. When button pressed > Wire pulse. Then wire the wire repeater back to the button. Wire repeater receivce pulse > Deactivate button.
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Use a trigger that is trigger by the zone. The trigger will trigger the item granter. The zone deactivates the trigger. If the trigger doesn’t deactivate, then use a wire repeater (triggered by the zone) with a delay to deactivate the trigger.

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Welcome to the forms @Kronos try to connect it to a zone and send a channel for when they step into the zone they get the item and it deactivates.


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well you could use an inventory item manager to make it so 1 of that item can be carried


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