How do I find good alpha testers?

I would like to know how to get alpha testers to help me with the progress of my game. I just don’t know who to trust.

Umm, you could try the WIX.

Why do these exist?

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What is the WIX? is it a site for alpha testers?

For game concepts,
Game design,
Mechanics for games,
A recreation of a game
I didn’t make them

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The Wix is a site used pretty much to share game codes.

is it the website creating thing in youtube ads?

And if you are worried about it being untrustworthy, then ask classmates, friends or family members to test it instead

Wait, how can you be worried? Just don’t give them editing.

Because for alpha testers, they are just testing, right?

If not, and you just want people to help, ask some people here. Make help guides and they can help you like that!

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Me. Pick me. Pretty Plz.

Oh. I didn’t know you could do that

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(Kind of my thought process as well, but maybe they mean they want help?)

Well! Problem solved! Hopefully that helped you! And good luck making your gimkit creative map!

Thanks again. I am making a red vs blue PVP map

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But what about me? I’m trust worthy! I won’t hack into your computer and steal all your information! seriously. I don’t know how to hack.

Heya, I’m also doing that! I’m making a king of the hill/domination + capture the flag game!

Good luck to you doing it!

The fact you said hake is reason enough :eyes:


They were made and then discarded since they’re unneeded.


If you message me on the wix site
I’ll be happy to help you test it & you can make it to where users can’t edit it and just ask for honest feedback.