How do I do this help please 😭

How do I only activate a button if a subject is applied to it I have tried for hours even ai did not even help me :sob:

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Welcome to the forums @slay_person remember to read:
and care to elaborate?

what do u mean by ‘subject being applied to it’?

do u mean that when someone makes it happen through another button or something?

Can you explain what you mean by this?

So I wanted to make an entrance to something but only be able to get inside of it if u have the “gold key”, but nothing is working

use a checker, and a button, and a barrier!

Checker: item amount, gold key, greater than, 0
Barrier: (chose a color you like)
button: not visible in game, change size (change the size of the outer ring)

Put the button under the barrier

Button, checker: button pressed – run check
checker, barrier: Check passed – deactivate barrier


Welcome to the forums @slay_person Remember to mark a solution!

Welcome to the forums @slay_person!

Thanks so much! This helped

Your welcome, that is what the forums are for!

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Check out the forum-beginners forum-tips gimkit-beginners guides!

beginner-must-read has nothing in it
It was replaced by forum-beginners

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Correct. It is unused.

sorry! I clicked on the wrong one

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