How do i do these THINGS?

1–How do I make it to where only a certain team can walk through a barrier?
2–Also i need weapon ideas that are fair through all the way around. For–Water area–Disco Area–Medieval area–space area–
and finally how would I make cool props around the arena for each area?

water area: zapper
disco: quantum portal
medival: slingshot or wooden wand
space: blaster

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make it team scoped

Thank you, that is good idea for the weapons.

Ok, that should work!

glad to help! i would reccomend asking someone else for the barrier thing; im not the best with devices… im good enough to get around tho

How would I make it a desired team?

  1. Place a Lifecycle and set it to ‘Game Start.’
    Wire it to a Relay with the Relay Audience of ‘All Players On Specific Team.’
    Then, wire it to a team-scoped barrier to activate/deactivate it for that specific team.
    If you want to activate the barrier (in the wire option), make the barrier inactive on game start and the Relay Audience set to the team you want to be able to enter.
    If you want to deactivate the barrier (in the wire option) , make the barrier active on game start and set the Relay Audience to the team you don’t want to be able to enter.

2 & 3. Can you please elaborate?
For 2, I don’t know what you’re talking about and for 3, what is the theme of the arena? That canhelp people suggest props to add.

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You can have a button that activates a wire repeater
The repeater runs a block if its team X
The barrier is team scoped?

The same areas for the weapons are the same themes for the map.