How do I do the advanced tutorial?

hey, I want to know how to do the advanced tutorial. oh and if you could tell me how to get new user that would be cool too.

also I want to invite someone.

-mouse’corp/user 200691

  1. You need to tell the discobot start advanced tutorial or something like that.
  2. What do you mean by new user?
  3. You can only invite other users if you’re a member, but here is a link that you can share to them if you want to invite them:

by new user I mean new user tutorial

who is discobot?


tell discobot to start tutorial, he should’ve sent you a welcome message, do it there.

It is the bot of the forum, kinda, but he should’ve sent you a welcome message when you made a account.

ok well do it thank you


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no way someone else that touches gras :0


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