How do I detect that a player has been knocked out

the game ends when you 10k cash

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Why not just regularly respawn them? Why use a complicateder system?

I want to make it so that they can be able to do the job if they fa il e d it

I found the solution but only with you guy’s suggestions so here is how:
first step get knockout manager and zone here is a picture

second step make signals for the zone which are player enters zone and leaves zone here is another picture

third and and second-to-last is to make the knockout manager receive the signals so:
player enters zone=activate manager
player leaves zone=deactivate manager
and the last step is to make the knockout manager listen for knockout and this is how step 3 and step 4 would look like

Im pretty sure a lifecycle is less memory…

ik but a lifecycle cant deactivate or activate

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