How do I delete my account?

Read the title please

I don’t think it’s possible, unfortunately. You can set your public profile to private or ask a mod to delete it.

I don’t exactly know if you can. Like @NavyCatZ said, you could also make your real name say something like “I don’t use the forum anymore” or something.

(@NavyCatZ when are you switching your pfp back?)

Not sure. This pfp is a placeholder while I decide whether to change it or revert to the original. My drawing pen doesn’t have anymore batteries so it will take a while if I do want to change it.


Just use your finger or the mouse pad. It may be harder.

It feels so…wrong though.


If you did not post anything yet on the forum and your account is a few days old, you can delete your account.

You can delete your account if it’s the first day of your account creation.

Actually, you can delete it if you did not post anything yet on the forum.
Let me show you:

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Just do something like I did where I stated that I was leaving the forums for a bit, there is really not a reason to delete an account unless you have multiple accounts

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