How do I create the "Crash System"?

So, I am creating a racing game that requires crash mechanics. My original plan was to separate every player into each team to create the crash system. But that is literally single player. And I understand it. As I said again, I want to separate every player into each team so I can create the crash system. The 2nd part of it was adding the tag ability. The tag mechanics didn’t give me the option to apply tag mode into single player. It only showed me the setting for team mode. So, I am seeking help on how to create the crash system. If you have any alternative plans that are similar to my original plan, please share it with me!

you already made a topic with this question please don’t post again

Ummmm yeah because it’d be weird if everyone literally could tag each another. It would basically mean tagging themselves.

Just make it free for all

You’d need triggers for each spot on the race track and keep a coord system.

you can use this though…

A property

A trigger with these blocks

Then team switchers

the team switchers go on until the amount of players in your game (limit 60)

Yeah but switching teams respawns the player.

Well shouldn’t each player have a base? like in tag?

Yeah, but you’d have to constantly check if the player has crashed into somebody else and constantly change teams, as you only can have 6 tag zones.