How do I create speech in my game

I am not sure how to make it where the pop-up has its own choices. Example:

How are you?

[good] | [not good]

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i think use the pop up’s but wire or channel them when pop up closed open popup

The call to actions. They do almost exactly what you are asking for!


put down popups and then some kind of way to initiate the interaction, like a button/trigger (which you can just connect to the popup with wires.) then click the popup and enter the „how are you?“ in either the header or content area (id reccomend setting the mode to banner as well.) then go to the call to action tab and at the top where it says call to action label write „good“. then where it says call to action label 2 write „bad“ or „not good“ or whatever. then write POPUPA and POPUPB on the for call to action channel and call to action channel 2 respectively (or write anything of your choice just make them different.) then make 2 more popups and in the content or header of each write the response for one of the options. then in channels put „open popup when recieving on: POPUPA“ for example.
image for example for what to putin call to action tabs: (replace text with your own))

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yes it does, you have to use the call to action buttons.