How do I create a platformer map?

I do not see the platformer button in map options.
(I am a season ticket holder)

It’s not released yet…

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Hmmm, but i have the season ticket. I should be able to access the beta version…

Welp it saids later in 2024…

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the beta version is not done as it says “coming soon”

It says it will be open for all later in 2024 and the beta is “coming soon”

Say this for everybody to hear: The platforming thing is not out. There has already been three topics about this and there is no need to be more


i predicted it…i predicted it its sad It was one of my first thoughts…i told everyone to be on watch.

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It has “Coming Soon” on it. When that tag is removed, you’ll have the platformer mode.

Big words don’t do anything
It just makes you sound rude


copypastas suck just answer the question and say its not out lol


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