How do I create a mechanic that shows my whole map?

I need help, I’m trying to create a map mechanic for my Among Us map. So when you click a button, it shows the full map.

I don’t think you can currently, due to not being able to add custom images. Maybe use waypoints to show players where things are?

Use Gimhook, that takes a full photo of the map, but to add it into your map is currently not possible. You can add a text device and a map emoji, but otherwise, no.

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Shdwy is working on a minimap.

Yes but they wanted to take a image of their map and then add it to the game, that is not possible.

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A minimap accessible from anywhere is currently infeasible, but if your use case is only for something like admin, then there is a way to make that.

For setup, place a zone that stretches to the walls in each room you want updated with player activity. Also, in another location outside of your map, make a mini duplicate of the map which is small enough to fit on one screen. This will be the minimap the player using admin will see. Finally, add a waypoint in the minimap room and one near the table in admin.

Wire it up so that when the player presses a button in admin, they are teleported to the minimap. Make sure they can’t move around or use a camera zone to ensure they are always looking at the map. Then wire another button in the room so that they can teleport back to admin. To make it so the player can still be seen in the main map and get killed by the imposter, wire it so that a placeholder prop or friendly sentry is shown as soon as the player enters the minimap. If the imposter kills the placeholder, then the player in the minimap dies as well. And voila, there’s your minimap.

Additionally, if you want to add the functionality of the minimap to show which rooms have players in them, use the zones made earlier to detect if rooms are occupied and update the minimap with that information using text boxes for each room. I suggest using this emoji to represent a player :postbox:. Hope this helps!

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Really @Blackhole927. As on right now it is not, i did say it will never be.

But it totally is… if you already know what the map looks like you can recreate it at smaller scale and display that.


this is not possible yet, you can suggest it on

I do believe that a rudimentary form of this is possible by putting zones in sperate rooms and tracking when they are entered and exited to form a rudimentary map. This would likely have to be placed on the floor though.

but you can’t click a button and you show this on screen without teleporting them away

Or you could try to use pixel art for this. It would be a pain.

Edit: never mind, don’t do this.


You could use gimhook although it would take a lot of time to do so.


Gimhook doesn’t integrate with gimkit creative games- It is a clientside only mod that is designed to make making GKC games more convenient.

Yeah what I meant by that is you could take a screenshot of the map using gimhook and try to make it using pixelart