How Do I Create A Knockout Tracker For A Specific Area?

I’m trying to make a sort of GKC Server with little minigames, but I can’t figure out how to teleport everyone from a single minigame back to the lobby without teleporting the whole server.

do you mean when they get knocked, they go back to spawn?

Edit: nevermind, I reread it, it makes sense now (I don’t know, sorry)
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you have the scope set to global, meaning that everyone teleports, and player makes that player who clicked the button teleport.

Make a button that switches your team, and a spawn point set to that team in the mini game. Make the scope for team and use a relay set to specific team for teleporting them back

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You have a property that shows which minigame they’re on. When you want to teleport a certain minigame back, broadcast on “[minigame] back”. Make a trigger for each one of these channels, checking if the player’s minigame property is equal to the minigame it receives on (you’ll have to manually put the minigame receiving on in). If so, then it should teleport that player back to the lobby.