How do I create 2 teams?

I need to create 2 different teams for my game, how do I make them?

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for this, go to map options change the team settings to split into certain amount of teams and make it 2

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add 2 spawners and put 1 on team one and the other on team 2

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Thanks, but how do I make people spawn in the different teams, do I just add 2 spawn pads in different places. And Can I name the teams?

and do what @THEHACKER120 did and you should have 2 teams

2spawn pads with each team number on it
and I don’t think you can name the teams

Ok Thanks for helping @PavelR and @THEHACKER120

Np glad to help someone who new :smiley:

don´t forget to click solution to the one that helped

You could use a team switcher and when team switcher activated trigger a trigger to then after they re-spawn it gives them an item which then a checker goes off and checks for the item and if they don’t or do it switches them into two teleporters for the two different teams. But then again @THEHACKER120 was good to.

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I think he just means to have 2 teams in his game

Yes, but this would be another way to separate them into two groups in different locations.

ok? i guess so cant you just move the 2 spawn pads away from each other i dont get it

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