How Do I Conect My Game "Gimkit Melee" To my Gimkit forum account?

No like for real, I have No Idea How. I am Not that Bright :confused:

Could you elaborate more? It’s a bit vague. Like what do you need exactly. I kind of need more details.

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Uhhh, IDK, maybe just put your username at the end of the description of your game.
example: Made by [user].

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Sorry, I meant how to look at like the comments of the game. I dont know exactly what its called. I just saw that its a thing on a Don’t Look Down Map.

Huh? Is that a thing?

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I think so. If it’s not just tell me.

I don’t think you can comment on games…

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Thanks for letting me Know!

no i know what your taking about
ill show you

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Oh my Lord, You are the best man! Thanks so Much!

first go to yourself then go here

then once you press that press this

then go down and copy the link your going to put here
i think thats what your talking about!

I’ll try it. Thank You!

if it works pls mark a soultion

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does it work?

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Does it work @That_One_Gimkit_Guy?

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