How do I choose 3 random people in my game?

So, I made a game that actually managed to get on trending, (and it’s actually a quality game :exploding_head: ) so I decided to update it. I’m adding a tag mode, and I was wondering how to choose 3 random people to be the taggers. I’m sure the answer is simple, but I am struggling to find a way.


Relay: chose random person on team x. Then switch their team, and run it 2 more times.

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How should I run it 2 more times. (I don’t want to use a repeater because I’ve almost reached my limit.)

after you got a random, make the relay run again. But check it to make sure it doesn’t choose a person on the taggers team. If they are on the taggers team, retry a randomized relay. Use items to pseudo team. Repeat it until you have 3 taggers

Ok. How should I run it 2 more times? That’s really what I’d like to know.

So, after your relay chose a random player, make it transmit a channel to check if there’s 3 taggers on the team, via block code. I think there’s a check number of players on a team block. If it’s less than 3, let the relay continue it’s action. Rinse and repeat. Once it gets to 3, stop the relay from relaying, then continue on.

Hopefully this helps, cause I’m also busy on a map, and if it doesn’t work, then you might have to ask someone else.

Use a wire repeater or a trigger.

Ok. Thanks! I’ll see if that works.

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good job! (little jealous :skull: )

team switcher

settings: random player on specific team
team: 1 (just the run-away team)

delay: 0.1 seconds
max triggers: 3

team switcher:
specific team: team 2 (taggin team)

relay, trigger: relay triggered —> trigger trigger
trigger, relay: triggered —> trigger relay
trigger, team switcher: triggered —> switch player to configured team

now you just need something to trigger the relay in the first place:
lifecycle, button, or something else


Thanks for trying to help, but I actually decided to do something else that I liked.

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