How do I change team names for M. mystery game

How do I change team names? Because at the end, I’d like people to see which role people were (like if they were a sheriff, or innocent)
on the leader board. Thanks! :grinning:

Anything helps!

sincerely -s-M-z-


It’s for a M. Mystery game. Gimkit won’t let me say the word Mur***

oh, just utilize the EOGW.

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the what now??

random thing I just remembered

I just remembered my very old alt’s name and password I’ll email pharlain bout it but for now I’ma log in to it and request to delete it to see if it goes faster

End Of Game Widget

what’s pharlain’s email?

Just email

ah oki just call it a widget pls



she’s handling the forums whilst Jeff is on vacation last time I checked

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but anyways brb I’ma log in to my alt and request deletion of the alt

mmmmm sure. ok buddy

how do I request deletion again? I remember there was a button for it…

I think you just click more and then groups on the side of your screen then click on moderators. There should be a button that says message and you can request deletion there.

ah oki gimme a sec

Welcome back!

that’s @Blackfox45666 im pretty sure…
Edit: yep, i was right.