How do I build a prop that recovers health?

Trying to make it so you can only destroy a barrier with a certain item.

You can’t make props gain health, but what exactly did you want to do with the barrier and item?

Have it so the Slingshot could be like a missile and destroy the barrier to allow progression.

You could have a checker-repeater check if you have the item, and if you do, disable a prop without damage enabled on it. This prop should be exactly the same to the prop you want to destroy in all aspects except one can take damage and the other can’t.

Wait, not even with blocks?

Nope. Maybe you can use the checker-barrier thing ClicClac mentioned since it’s sort of the same thing

To clarify, I was hoping for it to be like Metroid. Thanks.

I used two identical props, one with damage, and one without damage. The damageless one should completely cover the one you want to destroy, so even if you tried to break it, nothing would happen.

On a slightly different note, how do I use blocks?

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