How do I add these?

Just wandering, what device do you need to get this? and how to operate

waypoint device
and please cover your code

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oh, the code isnt available anymore :slight_smile:

how do you operate it please?

You place it somewhere in your map to where you want the player to be (there’s also a active at game start setting in there and you can turn that off if you want to), and yeah that’s it. It’s basically like a GPS system.

i mean like, not on the player, but something else rather than just flags

I mean is it location of device? if it is, how do I put int he device I want the waypoint device to track

Am i wording this wrong? If not, idk.

If yes, you’re putting that device into somewhere which leads the player there.

And btw location of device is just putting it anywhere you want.

can you provide a screenshot of it? in case

I’ll give you a video. It will take a while.

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oh ok! take your time :3


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Location of device means the location of that waypoint device, not the location of another device.

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this is probably gonna take a very long time

(i’m converting the video to a gif since the forum doesn’t allow us to put videos)

EDIT: PLEASE READ. @DannyStarf - the gif is too large to send, i don’t know how to explain more about the waypoint device since i don’t use it usually, you can ask other people to help.

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@DannyStarf maybe try reading this guide?


Thank you guys! this helped me :3

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