How do i add rarity to random item graters?

i’m trying to have 70% chance for one thing, 15 for another, 10, then 5, how would i do this?

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Trigger sets a number property to a random number and broadcasts a message based on what the number is then have each item granter grant the item when they receive on the corresponding channel.

Make a random number generator choose a number from 1 to 100. Then have if statements check for the numbers like this.


Yeah you dont need a property mb

i’ll try that out

Don’t you need something to happen if the random number is between 95 and 100?

it works, thank you @Ben_to_the_10th

instead of an if, then do, it’s just else, meaning if there is anything else, it will do that what it’s told to do

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Oh! Sorry, didn’t see that last part.

it’s ok

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