How do I activate waypoint?

I want the waypoint to show where a player is.

When button pressed > Activate waypoint

But that wont work

I’m the only person*

are you the only one in the map, or are u testing with a different person?

I’m by myself in it-

You are getting a waypoint on yourself lol

I’m going to post this game. Then the waypoint will work -_-

no open a new tab
j0in your own game
press the button
open the other tab and see if it worked


You can’t see waypoints that are attached to you.

Open another tab and check the other player.

Nope. I dont see my self

can i see the waypoint settings?

I’m posting the game in gimkti discovery.

You’re not even helping

you can’t post links either, they cause spam.

check BOTH tabs. make it NOT active on game start. the button ACTIVATES the waypoint.

the waypoint is active on game start

no need to be rude, child
your mother would be very dissapointed

It doesnt work! >.<
@WolfTechnology would be a help

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ok, im out of ideas


is the button wired to the waypoint? can i see the button and wire settings?

Well, I don’t know how to assist you in the thingy your facing