How do do you make a poke ball (working)

Pls help… pls… im desprate

—\(•_•)/– (i dunno.)

I’m not sure that’s possible yet sorry :neutral_face:

Its okay. I going to keep this dissucion open though, just in case…

What do you mean by a pokeball? Something that you can throw at a prop or something to “capture” it?

well I’m not sure how to make a working one, but you can use this guide to make one out of terrain:

I’m not sure that you can make a working one, however, you can use the newly updated blast ball and make it very intricate to where if its sentries make it to where the ball score zone is in the same spot as the sentry and when ball is scored, deactivate sentry, and gives you whatever item that sentry was using…
Like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-14 080333

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But isn’t that copyright?

It wouldnt be copyright if you don’t call it a pokeball, call it a gimball?
Idk, i was the one who made it possible.
Dont mind all the spelling errors/

Ohhhh got it have a nice day

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