How did i place so many floors?

yeah guys, 4765 out of 2500, how did i place number 2501?

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just refresh

It’s not a bug… I think, it sometimes just happens

you can use floor terrain, then put a barrier (alpha 0.00000001) on top

Also, this is not a bug you are not supposed to put this much wall terrain

YEah, but is it just showing the wrong number, or did i accaully place that many

I can check if you actually placed that many really fast, can you please send a j0in code for your game?

Nevermind, I can’t at the moment.
edit: i can, in fact do it now, sometime in the next 20 minutes if you want.
just gonna save this wall counter code since im gonna lose it if i dont

array = Array.from(, ([name, value]) => ({ name, value }));
total = 0
for (x of array) {
if (x.value.collides == true) {
total += 1

uh, gtg sry. its on wix but i ending it now

I can’t access the wix at the moment.
Nevermind, I managed to get to it, but oh well.

The limit only shows after a while I think

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