How could I theoretically make a gun game?

So I am trying to make a map where if you knock out a person, you would move on to the next gun and repeat until you get like, let’s say, 20 knockouts. Could you make this in Gimkit Creative? I’ve tried making one but I can only make one for if you kill them once and then it doesn’t work.

Make the kills increment a property, then give the the gadget based on the property.


I am trying to do this but I am getting stuck (I’ve never used properties before). Could you give a bit more clarification as to what devices I use and how I should link up the channels/properties? (Also how do I remove the item so that the item granted will replace their current gun).

A knockout manager wired to a counter that increments a property

Sorry to keep bothering you but now I can’t figure out how to give the item based on the property. Do I need to make a block? I am so confused.

I hope you can find out.I’m clueless when it comes to blocks

Depends, how do you want to give the item?

I’m trying to make it as when the player gets the kill, their previous weapon gets deleted or replaced with the next one. I want it to be a list of guns that you have to go through so first a slingshot or something, then a snowball launcher or something. But I mean I’ll do whatever you know how to.

I think you could the link the property Presidend_of_the_USG suggested up some checkers(I think 4 would do) and configure them to send a signal depending on the score, i.e. if property=1, transmit on channel “gun2” and then make item granters that grant on “gun2”. And be sure to make it first “grant” -1 of the item they should have at that point first so they have room.