How could I make five nights at spydecraft's harder?

So, I’m making a remastered version of five nights at spydecraft’s, what could I do to make the game harder?


decrease player speed
decrease player health
give player worse weapons
decrease player damage
make rooms darker


  1. The game doesn’t have weapons
  2. Health isn’t needed(it’s a tag system)

We could make the render vision lower.

C0de is invalid. I know it’s just the lobby, but maybe expand it,

This would be your players view, maybe it’s just me but the text is pretty cut off. It’s a little frustrating.
Also, that logo could use some work.
Wouldn’t make it harder, just look nicer, adding points to make it harder

  • Make the rooms much darker
  • Flashbangs would be pretty cool, and chaotic
  • Every new night you could make visibility lower
  • Add locked doors with codes that you could only get from an animatronic
  • More coming

You could still make them slower…
You could maybe also add sentries and lasers?

Are you in the wrong topic? Because this game is about strategic decisions, not a fighting game?!

It still makes it harder…
chill please.
I’ll come up with more ideas.

If it’s time-based, decrease the time.

@Spydecraft245 Do you have a power usage set in place, or making one?

No, I have it, why tho?

Only thing I can think of is you can make/edit game modes.
Advanced etc. etc.
But as the difficulty goes up, you could make the power usage for cameras and light, go down faster every time they open a door, use the phone etc.

You could have some sort of mechanic that just general makes the game harder, or add other ideas plus more things, like you have to do tasks to close the doors, and fix lighting, things that distract you but are necessary, etc.

Also less light would work, just to make it spookier, as most people already said.
And maybe increase the likelihood of a jumpscare.

Maybe you could add other systems? It might be memory inducing, but you could add things like depositing faz-coins to rockstar freddy.

Professional Necropost:
Maybe, you could have glasses that could break, “making noise” and alerting everyone around you.

I would like to note that if you are going forward with the flashbang idea or any idea that may cause harm to photosensitive players, put a warning in place to minimize any harm done.

I’m not too familiar with Five Nights at Spidecraft’s, but perhaps you could add food that can affect the player when they interact with it? As an example, you could put Jell-O on the floor that causes the player to slow down when they walk on it.

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