How can you switch a player back to their team after putting them in spectator mode?

My current setup is this:
Screenshot 2023-06-06 7.55.31 AM
but it isn’t switching the player back.
The way it works is when the item is purchased from the vending machine, it switches the player to team spectator, and triggers the trigger. The trigger then waits 30 seconds and then switches the player back, or that’s what it should do. It doesn’t work.

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You could try a setup like this where a vending machine switches you to spectator and activates a repeater. The repeater goes every one second increasing the counter value every time. When the target value of 30 is reached, it switches you to whatever team you set the second team switcher to, stops the repeater. and resets the counter.

Doesn’t work…

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I’ve tested some things, and I am not currently sure it is possible to switch someone out of spectator. I would file under bugs.

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