How can you make your own original gimkit mode? (Pt. 2)

I tried everything others recommended, nothing worked for me, I must be doing something wrong. Please help! If you can’t it’s alright. (I need to get multiplier as an upgrade, streak bonus, money per question, and insurance.)

Did you get guide links for those?

No. (it says i need 20 characters)

(it still says it )I’ll brb

You can dodge that by putting letters between theses < >

They’re talking about classic. (You know, the one that blooket and kahoot have too)

Oh okay, you can simulate that using Questioners or Popups.
Hiding the player under a barrier could work.


I dont think there are currently any guides on any of those, no posts on insurance, look at this for the multiplier, this for streak bonus and no posts explaining how to do money per question…

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Okay! Thanks! Sorry for not responding.

Man nobody ever told me that! I just found out today.

Just use GKC.

Oh, it’s not possible, you can only make 2-d modes.

what do you mean by insurance?

when you get a question wrong, it takes a certain amount of money away

insurance helps with that. it’s not going to get rid of 100% of the money taken away, but it will get rid of a certain percent of the money taken away.

in simpler words, it lowers the amount of money taken away by a certain amount

well, when you buy insurance, you can grant an item that a checker checks for, and when check passes, deactivate current question system or money take away system and replace it? how are you doing question answering and the money deduction ?

It is definitely possible, as the Gimkit Team has already made it in creative. If your teacher assigns you a classic homework (or of you make a educator account and assign one to yourself), it gives you classic but as a 2D mode.

you mean cash tycoon? yeah all of the systems in cash tycoon and classic gamemodes are possible to recreate in creative

(in fact, i’ve made a system for drained mode in my more short guides post)

The ultimate solution:

Have problem with GKC → use GKC
Have problem with leaky pipe → use leaky pipe
Have problem with deleted account → use deleted account

Anyway use lots of properties and, uh, more properties.