How can you make this rap?

I want to make a text to where you can do this on my collab cookie clicker map.

You will find a homeless man that says: “If you put a buck in my cup, I will shut the freak up, cause you dont have to be a baller, to give me a mother freaking dollar”
but he wont shut up until you give him a dollar.


So like when you enter an area he does that? or you have to interact with him?

you have to interact with him

well first you need a button with settings that makes it invisible. like this:

oh this is discontinued…

what do you mean it is discontinued?

there is a whole other one that I am pretty sure is based off of this. Anyways, I tried.

this is hilarious :smile:

How is this hillarious?

i find the rap hilarious

Oh, ok, thank you, i didnt make it though, it is a tik tok audio and i thought it would be good to use in my cookie clicker game.

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XD oh THATS what that is for??? Oh thats hillarious.

When you press the button, you could make it open a popup that isn’t closible unless the playes gives him a dollar

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