How can you make something like armor that you can buy and wear with status effects?

I need to make armor like items for my game. Any ideas how?

a health granter and also what do you mean by status effects

You can’t make visible armor as of now, but you can grant health boosts by having the maximum health be higher than what the players have at the start of the game, then they can buy upgrades that grant them health.

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I recommend reading through this since it has many useful tips for new users. Is there a specific status effect you want to know about?

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Hi check out this guide for an idea of how to make an armorstand. It might give you some ideas! How to make an Armor Stand (Difficulty: 🟨)

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There isn’t a way to add status effects like posioned, burning or frozen (because you can’t put negative health in a health granter but you can decrease/remove regenerating health for a short amount of time to create an illusion of getting poisioned or burned.
Here are some guides that may help you: