How can you get gimbucks from a button

How? I can’t do it! Help!!!

You cannot get gimbucks from anything other than playing the official gamemodes. Theres not a button for it sorry.

This should be in help. Anyways, you cant

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What are some games that give gimbucks then?

All the official ones and answering questions that are not all correct

Like wot? Name some!! !

Fishtopia,don’t look down, farmchain,knockback,etc

But my Xp limit is reached and it doesn’t work. How else?

So rude! @Zane7655 ! 凸^=^凸

If you have reached your xp limit then you cant get anymore gimbucks .

Ok. Thx for your help, @Dragon_Tamer ,@Sythic . Ur very kind

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You can’t.

I’m confused. All I said was that this should be in the help category and that you can’t get xp from a button. I was not criticizing you and I gave you an answer :expressionless:

Also you can get xp from creative modes that have questions as well

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