How can I make specific Team amounts?

Hello! I am making a map that relies on one team having one person at the start with other players joining it later when they are tagged. (Just a bit of context, it’s more complicated then that) But, I don’t know how to make a team start with a specific number of players. Can anyone help with that?

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Here’s a link to help that How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩

Like in the cursed game mode? I think here’s a guide to that (if not, I’ll make one)

Thanks for telling me @Alan_Shen and I appreciate the offer @Cameron_Sharer! I will take a look at the link and see if it helps, if not, I will see what all we can come up with, if it does, then I will change this topic to resolved.

It appeared to be all in order! I will now edit this post to say, “resolved.”