How can i make a two different notifications alternate sending on a timer

how can i make it so two notifications will alternate sending every 45 seconds
example: one says run away, other says go tag
start of game=go tag
45 sec later: run away
45 sec after that: go tag

@bushenberg pls help

Are they different for each team?
Like, when one team sees go tag, the other says run away?

if u can
show a pic of the setup
and a pic of all the code inside each device

thanks for all the help you’ve given me

there should be a relay at the beginning of the game that triggers a trigger for everyone.
put this in a block in the trigger (if team 1 starts off tagging, the default value for tagging team should be 2.)
make the trigger trigger again automatically every 45 seconds (wire repeater or regular repeater)
run away notification goes when receiving run away and go tag when receiving go tag.
let me know if it works.

could you also take a picture of the devices ?

wait so if team 1 is tagging first, what changes?

just make the default value of the property tagging team: 2 (it’ll switch to 1, don’t worry)

so just the first number or all the numbers

Nothing in the block needs to be changed, you just need to set up the property like this:

should the trigger transmit on any channels?

No, that will happen inside the block.

it wont work
and idk y

Try making the property broadcast on a channel when it changes (and on game start). then there should be a text box that has a block run when receiving on that channel. the block should set the text to the property. that will help with debugging.

honestly idk how this even works

do u think u could come on my server and help?
or is it not possible


can u help me on my gamemode with the notification code?


pls help if u can

i’m not sure whats wrong with it. sorry.

could u come on my server and check it?

That is against the rules, no code sharing