How can i make a tutorial?

ive made a button and i know how to do game overlays etc etc, but how can i make it so arrows point to certain areas or the tutorial wont move on unless something is completed?

It depends on what you want :star2: ᥴ᥆꧑ρᥣᥱtᥱd :star2:
For example :memo:, if you wanted them to press a button in the tutorial, you could make the button on a channel and make the tutorial move on once the channel has occurred.
I hope this helps :grin: :rainbow:

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You could type → for an arrow (that’s - and > combined).

Then when the tutorial action is finished, it grants the player a specific item. To move on, they need to unlock an invisible vending machine that deactivates a barrier.

Well, you can do true or false properties, game overlays linked to way points, and or just have something like a barrier activated and will only deactivate after finishing your goal/job thingy.

remove that clic pls

You can use the waypoint device to show the player where to go.

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