How can I make a overlay show up for one person?

Hi, So I am trying to make a battle royale game mode with classes, and I have a class called the spy. I want the spy to have an ability to go into hiding. What this would do is send the spy to a room away from the battle space. This would be controlled by a button overlay that I want to be specific to just the spy. The problem I am having is that when I configure it, it makes it so I can’t press the button. I may be doing it wrong, but what I do is I have a button. When this button is pressed, the wire says show this overlay (along with other things). For some reason, this makes it so I can’t press this button. Does anybody know how to fix it?

you should be able to set the spy to a certain team and have the overlay set to that one team. Which will make it to where it only shows up for the spy, as he is the only one on that team.

But how would I set it to just one team. I can set the scope to team, but not display to one team.

Try a relay to a specific team then.

yep what @Txme_Lxss said.

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The only issue I am having is that I am unable to press the button still. I may just be no big brain, but I don’t know what the problem is. All of my other buttons work, except for this one.


Is the button visible in game? Is the overlay on button type? Hm…

weird it should have worked, hey @SillySeth14 maybe try to copy this guide and then set it to the specific team. Make sure to look at the Overlay section.

@Txme_Lxss The button is visible and overlay is on button type.

@WolfTechnology This didn’t really help

Why don’t you use psuedo teaming? Give the spy an item, then turn the button on for everyone with an item! [1]

  1. Checker required. ↩︎

Huh, I’ll try this. Is there a guide on how to make this?

There’s a guide on classical psuedo teaming, but not on this. I can explain it after I get home though!

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Mr. Seth, do you still want to hear my explanation?

Sorry was busy yesterday, if you get a chance today, I would be very grateful.

First, give the spy the item. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Second, run a check. Wire an all players relay to a checker, telling it to check for the item. Wire it to a game overlay so that if the check passes the game overlay is shown. Do you need a better explanation?

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No, this should be good. Thanks. But this doesn’t work. I think the problem is with the button. I got It to work by deleting it and putting it down again. But this method for checking for the item is so much easier. Thank you soooooo much everyone for the help.

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