How can I make a lobby for my game?

Okay, so in my lobby, there are 5 rooms with 1 trigger in each room. I want all 5 triggers to have to be activated, then the game will start. Does anyone know how to do this?

I’m not great at devices yet so I come here to get some help. Sorry!

Okay, so, first of all welcome to the forums! But, second, this might be hard without a spawn pad. But, in my solution I’m gonna need to use them. First, place a spawn pad where you want the players to spawn. (If you want them to spawn by team just use multiple but have each one set to "Only Team __ can spawn at this spawn pad.) Then, once you have the spawn pad(s), just set them the pre-game. Then, have a different spawn pad if you want this to be the room where they start the game. (Which you will). Then, while it is not possible to make the game start when the triggers are hit, you can when the host starts, make all of them teleport to the “real starting point” of the game once all of them are triggered. Hope this helps! But, Listen to other replies on how to make the teleport when all of the triggers are hit.

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trigger (triggered) → counter (increment counter)
counter (target value reached) → relay (everyone)
relay (relay trigger) → teleporter (teleport player here)

teleporter and relay because you can only interact with teleporters pre-game iirc

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Thank you! This will help a lot =D

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Good luck making a lobby, @AshDock2010! Maybe try adding a tutorial on the goal of the game like in an official Gimkit game. There’s some great guides on that.


@eiqcrmeliutgwhc, check the Padlet.

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