How can I make a door that you need a key card to open?

I am making a map where you need a green key card to open a door so that your team can go in, but the other team can’t enter until they open the door. (i.e. Team 1 opens the door and can go in but Team 2 hasn’t opened the door and they can’t go in yet. Is there a specifi gadget to use or is it more complex?

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like maybe use a vending machine
that only works for one team maybe

Welcome to the forums, @dkennebeck30! To do this, take a vending machine and make it so you need one green keycard and they get nothing, then wire that to a barrier, so when item purchased, deactivate barrier, and set the barrier scope to player. Have any questions?

I’ll try that, thanks!

what about scoping it to team
like then it’d only work for the individual players

Yeah, if it was a team map, but for free for all, you would set scope to player

didn’t it say team map

I did have to set the scope to barrier but other than that it works perfectly! Once again, thank you!

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