How can i make a 2d creative map

how can i make a 2d creative map

This is not yet possible, josh said it will be coming to creative early 2024.

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welcome to the forums!

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You can make a 2D map, also known as a top down mode, If you are wanting to make a platformer mode like DLD, you can’t. But to make a normal 2D mode just go to the button labled “creative” at the top right of the Gimkit home page, and click “Create a Map” and you will have your sandbox open. Welcome to the community @cams!

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What do you mean by 2d map. Isn’t GKC a 2d map?
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As of right now, yes, but that is a Top-Down style game mode, the DLD map is a Platformer, but its also 2D. 2D is if you see a object as moveing side to side on your screen, and how it doesn’t get farther or closed to the screen.

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Thank you wolftech for the explanation to that. Remember to mark a solution @cams if your question is answered.
Also it isn’t possible yet.(just found out)

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