How can I log in to my own game with multiple skins at once?

So I’m trying to make a thumbnail by taking a screenshot of my game with multiple gims in it. The problem is, I have no friends. But if I logged into my own game, they would all have the same skin, which would be pretty off-putting for a thumbnail. Is there a way I could resolve this issue?

If you make tons of alt accounts

you can change your skin on the homepage and get in your map, then repeat the process multiple times.

Then I would have to grind XP for skins 50 times.

its possible, I’ve done it multiple times for thumbnails.

thx I will try that.

I believe so.

  1. You can first equip a skin from the locker.
  2. Open up a new tab and go back to the locker and equip a new gim.
  3. Join your game again.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Also, the Gimkit Wiki is a good choice for gims. If they aren’t transparent, use to remove the background. If you’re on mobile, there’s also an app.

no problem @some_kid

Wait, can’t you guys just find the gims on Google or something, and edit the image?

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yeah but when its edited in you can tell its photoshop

Depends on how you do it.

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They probably want to take a picture of their gim with their username but I’m just spectating.


That’s a screenshot, not photoshop.

it was sarcasm chatta

You could photoshop with images without the useless grinding, or just yeah, enter the game, make a new tab, change the skin, enter game, repeat.


Just kidding, photoshopped.


lil homie that was good

( Sorry for the long wait… ) I was going to say that when I tried logging in with multiple tabs open I got there, and then it didn’t work anymore. It logged me out.

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