How can I end a game with a specific amount of items?

Ok, Ill give more context here. So basically, I’m making a racing game where the counter relies on cash. And I want it to be the first person to reach 25 laps wins. I used the End Game model but it doesn’t give me the option for how many items to end the game. So, if you have any idea on how to end a game with a specific amount of items, please let me know!

If the counter relies on cash, can’t you just end the game when the counter hits the same number as the cash?

If not, use a separate counter that tracks when you cross a certain zone (to mark a lap). This counter has a target of 25. It’s also player scoped. When it hits 25 for someone, the game ends.

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there is a thing called an invantory checker, so when you get so like 25 laps and 25 cash, the invantory manager can check it and then if have 25 cash it ends

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yes! But the inventory item manager uses a lot of memory (215)
but you can save memory by using recursion

lifecycle (50)
wire repeater (5)
checker (35)
end game [device] (10)
4 wires (40)
total:140 memory