How can I do a custom gimkit as an assignment?

I created a custom version of only up for my students to play. I created a question set that is in the game. This has worked fine for playing when I am in the classroom and hosting the game. I was wondering if it is possible to assign this as an activity when I am not in the classroom. I don’t want to deal with the sub having to set the game up. I want to assign it as “homework” just like I can do with the games that gimkit has already created.


I don’t think it’s possible, but maybe publishing it would work??

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I don’t think you can, but you could make the question set you could see the report possibly and tell. It is weird though, because their is a block that says “If homework”


Go into settings, select showcase and save, and then generate a showcase link. The showcase link will expire after 7 days.


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I do not believe that there is a way to make a custom game assigned as homework, I think that only the original gimkit made games can be assigned as homework.

The original Gimkit made games can be assigned as Homework / Assignments

While creative Games cannot be put as an assignment.

While a showcase link would work, you’d need to post it in some form of document or Google classroom (If you have it) if you wanted your class to access it while you aren’t there.

If you were to publish the game, Your class would be able to go to discovery and open the game. The problem with that however is that the class would be able to choose their own answer kit instead of a preset one.

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This looks like it should work! Thank you so much!


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