How can I detect what tile a player is standing on?

So I’m trying to create a bed wars game and I want it so that when they step on the void they get knocked out but when they step on a different tile they’re OK.

you can youse a courdent tracker that’s it

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Use zones. It’s easy.

or triggers I guess!

What is a courdent tracker?

Both coordinate zones and zones work for that

Coordinate trackeers ae devices which tell you the coordinates of a player

I think zones would work better because a coordinate tracker just sees where you are but zones can be connected to damage dealers and deal damage to a player

Are you using platforming or top down? If it’s platforming, place lasers below the islands. If it’s top down, place lasers at the sides of the paths and around the islands.

Im using Top down for the bedwars thing

would definately use zones then.

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