How can I create non-functional sideways stairs?

I saw @mysz’s guide but I don’t wan’t the function. What I want is non-functional stairs that look like this but sideways.


This is just a random image I got from got from searching “Sideways stairs” on google.

use terrain or barriers to make stairs
like this


Do you know how I could create the banisters?



Wooden or metal poles and signs for the whole build?

yeah, what @ClicClac said. Poles. (tip: press shift to snap rotation)

I’ll test @ClicClac’s out.

Does it work?

I need to know the RGB code for brown. Do you know it?

google it. I have no idea

It should be R:150, G:75, B:0


Yeah that color code worked

Do you need help with anything else?

final product

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