How can I create a system of when someone is close enough, they can counter/stun a player?

I’m doing a free for all battle ground game and was thinking of making a character where if they are close enough to another player, they can counter or stun them but I can’t figure out a way to know how close a player is to a player to allow them to do their ability.

You could use tag zones and set “respawn when tagged” to no.
Connect the tag zone to an item granter (-999999 energy or whatever your currency to move is)

Player Gets Tagged > Grant Item

Thanks. Does setting respawn when tagged to no, make it so that they don’t get tagged?

No, set the “respawn player when tagged” setting to no.

Oh. one problem, I want to let players respawn because how they win is by how many kills they get.

Oh, players getting tagged don’t count to the leaderboard as knockouts, you can wire the tag zone to increment a counter (player scope) which increments a number property in the settings of the counter.
Now, put that property name in the leaderboard’s score setting in the map options

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Oh. Thanks for the information and help

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