How can I create a scoring system where the player with the fewest knockouts gets placed first?


I am trying to make a game where the scoring system is based on either

  1. The player with the fewest knockouts wins.
  2. If 1 is temporarily not possible, then every time the player gets KO-ed by a sentry, it drops a specific item, so when the game ends, the one with the highest number of that item wins.

But then I noticed that when a player knocks another player out, the latter will drop the specific item I have set, but when a sentry knocks a player out, nothing drops. The game is mostly more on how few knockouts (by the sentries) you have to win.

Please help!

The fewest times dead, or the fewest times killing someone else? Welcome to the community!

Thank you for the welcome! I meant the fewest times dead.

Ok. Its no problem. So this is a bit of a complex problem. I’ll take a minute or two to answer.

Welcome to the commuinty @cloudZzz!

For the second problem, did you use a knockout manager?

You could use a leaderboard that counts low to high.

And grant score using a lifecycle with the settings configurated to player knocked out.

I forgot about the leaderboard!!! Here’s the solution:
Make a lifecycle that tracks if a player has been knocked out. Make that broadcast to a trigger. Now make a property. This property should be a number, and player-scoped, with a default of 9999999999999999999. The trigger should set that property to 1 minus itself. Make the leaderboard track that property.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I did not know about low to high ranking!!! Use @Thats_Gimpossible’s solution!!!

Score: 99999999999999997

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I am not very sure how to use it. I tried tinkering with it but when I playtest it, both players started with 5 items each… Yet on the leaderboard before anyone even knocked out anyone else, first player has 10 points while the other has 0. It’s so confusing.

Ah, let me try that now. So I need a lifecycle, a trigger and a property device?

As I said, use @Thats_Gimpossible’s solution. Mine is just too complicated. You could do mine, but it is too much for what you need.

Map options → score → leaderboard sort mode → low to high
Lifecycle device settings to when player knocked out → increment counter
Set the counter to scope player and not visible in game.
Place a property device, and go into the settings of the counter and tie that property to the counter
Set property type to number and scope player.
Map options into score into score tracks a property which will be the name of the property you used.
When you are changing device settings, make sure you go through all options so you can be sure to find them!

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OK, let me try it first to see if it works. Thanks for making it detailed. :smile:



What does this mean? I am really new to the property device. Sorry for the trouble.

So, place a property device. Then, go into the settings and set the scope to player and property type to number. Name it something like deaths. In the counter settings, there will be a property option where you can type in a property name to update it whenever the counter is.

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It just stores data, like numbers, text, or true/false values. Its REALLY useful.


Make sure you type in the correct property name that you gave it. No typos or mis-capitalization.

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These are my counter images. Is the info correct?

This above is the property device. Is the info correct?