How can I change the players screen view?

I need my players to see more, but I don’t know how. Pls help

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The only thing you can use that is remotely close to that is a camera view device, which restricts vision within a certain zone see the ultimate guide for devices for more details. But if you want to expand their whole screen, not much I can do, sorry. That hasn’t been added yet.


Increase the view by adding the view device and increasing the range.

They’re talking about the players in game I think

I know that.

ya I am trying to extend the players screen

Ohhhh, I read it wrong. I don’t think it increases their view though.

There isn’t a way to do that yet, sorry. If that’s a large issue, try making the map smaller.

I do think it is possible, @RetroJaron can you see if you can use the Camra view device to see if it does work?

I have, but I don’t think it does anything :frowning:

It just restricts the vision of players so they can’t see outside the camera view zone when they enter it.

Well then I am sorry but it may not be possible, just as @NavyCatZ said. Again sorry.

oh thats what it does

Alright thats ok, but thanks. Hope yall have a great night!

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You to, and happy to help.

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