Host spectator bug

Whenever I start the game, I get switched to the spectators team. Any ideas why?

Do you have a Lifecycle wired to a Team Switcher?
Otherwise try refreshing.

It happens every single time, even if I refresh. And no, I don’t see a lifecycle or a a teamswitcher, unless someone decided to trick me…

They might’ve.
I don’t see any reason it’d do that and it couldn’t have been a lag/wifi problem.

Zoom out, go around your map and in the out-of-bound areas.

Open the layers tab to try to detect the Lifecycle and Team Switcher.
It’ll detect devices nearby and in your view (I think)
Maybe try zooming out your browser?
Maybe that’ll trick the game into showing more devices in the layer tab because it’s in your view?

It’s most likely out-of-bounds if someone wanted to troll you.

huh… i dont see it…

Well, you wont’t be able to find it unless you search really hard.
Did you see someone go out of bounds when editing with you?

I mean you could try contacting gimkit support with your account information because I think they have some kind of dev abilities in creative.

Ok. Thanks!

How do I contact gimkit support?

official GK team email

they are probably busy though for the holidays so dont except them to reply immediately

try looking it for yourself tho first


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