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This wiki is for art used partially from this art ultimate guide.

We all like holidays and celebrate them, well now let’s put them into a wiki where everyone can add their art and decorations for their maps! Before adding them here, add your holiday and decoration ideas. :smile: If it’s qualified enough, you can add it here! Any art is appreciated!

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:memo: If any holiday causes dispute or arguments, we will create a poll for voting if it should stay or be removed. Don’t make a mess or criticize others for their beliefs or religions…

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Holiday Art Gallery:


Art Title: Easter Bunny (Made on Gimkit Creative)

Art Made By: @AlvinFun
This Art was Made… (On Paper or Online): Online
I used Gimkit Creative to build this Easter Bunny.
Art Description (Optional): This Easter Bunny is made with bread, some text, and barriers and was built on Gimkit Creative.
Link to How to Make this Art (If the art was made on Gimkit Creative - Optional):
Make an Easter Bunny on Gimkit Creative

  1. get red barriers
  2. get metal poles and arrange them into a cube
  3. get 6 alien plants and put them at the top of it
  4. (optional) add decorations on the present
    Screenshot 2024-03-21 2.05.37 PM
🎄Christmas tree

You will need:

  1. 3 circular barriers.
    2.A snowy tree
  2. 3 poles



wasn’t this a thing already? i thought it was?

Can I edit?

No, that was just ideas for decorations, Wolf.
This is for adding it.
Yes, you may edit.

oh ok, just asking.

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Can I add my guides to it please? I have Easter and Christmas. Thanks.

No, no guides, just art, please.
However, I could add a resource page for guides…
Wait–yes, you can sort of add the tutorial when making art…
but not the guide.

Yeah do you want the guides @California_Love ? or not.

Thanks for adding something, @EGGacha!
Make sure to add some steps on how to make it!

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yeah but the steps are in a guide… so its like a second guide?.

Yeah, you could put it like that…
I just want this to be somewhere where you can put all of the art as possible, like…idk.
Maybe you could put a link to how to make it and if there isn’t one, you can add the steps here.
Is that ok?

yeah thats fine

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I added a section called ‘Holiday Art Gallery’.

:smiley: Awesome GUIDE I LOVE IT! :slight_smile:

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Love this! Might edit in a bit

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