Hmm, and there I thought everything would be normal

Ok, big news. Collision is off in settings, and I go over to a teleporter. BOOM. Guess what, I got teleported. How did I discover this? I strolled right over a teleporter and teleported. I thought it was the glitch where you go somewhere and instantly get knockback VII. NOPE. Even with barriers!

Oh don’t forget, same thing with triggers.


I had this bug too


Today is a weird day, and @eiqcrmeliutgwhc is having 50 types of glitches


Was there a new update or something? Because I am seeing a whole lot of bug posts.

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I think there was an update

Also, where you able to move after the game ended before or was that there before?

Maybe, I didn’t really check.

But they say here collision is off. When collision is off, you usually are not subject to teleporters.


No, I am pretty sure that is when collision is on.

  1. @FireAlta2183 lol
  2. @Haiasi ”shake?”

Well, there’s been a new update today (I think) so this may be another one.

Oh also, big thing too, when I have collision on, it doesn’t trigger

Is the new update in the changelog?

No. Very minor…

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Also, whenever you run around without collision on and at 3x speed, sometimes you slow down or even stop for a couple of seconds. The teleporter issue might also be fixed now. It happened to me yesterday, but it won’t happen today.

When you switch windows or maybe even tabs, you slow down for a bit before resuming at normal speed.

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could we invite Josh?

He isn’t very active on the forums. You should email about this.

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