Hide terrain pls

how do u make terrain hidden?

You can’t unfortunately. You can cover it with a barrier or prop though. Mark this as a solution if it works.

You could place a prop above it. Why do you need to hide terrain?

in my game i want to make sudden hole player drops in when a counter reaches 0

Place a barrier and make it black. In the all options tab, turn off player collision. Make the barrier inactive when the game starts then you can activate it once the times up. Is this what you’re asking about

hmm what does this do

Also set the barrier transparency to 1, so it isn’t transparent. The barrier will now be a black square or circle you can still walk over, and you can activate it when you want to to make it show.

good idea thx eeeeeeee

Mark it as a solution

Your pfp is the earth girl from avatar right?


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